JT Goldstein Accountants and Business Advisors offer a myriad of services including:


  • Assurance services are prepared with the end users of financial statements and other financial matters in mind. Assurance engagements include a CPA's full understanding of a client’s industry, as it relates to identifying risks and providing value-added comments. Clients rely on JT Goldstein’s assurance counseling to make informed business decisions for their organizations.
Our Assurance services include the following offerings:
  • Compilations - Compiled financial statements that comply with the Statement of Standards for Accounting and Review Services, and that can be issued for internal or external use.
  • Reviews - A review engagement involves analyzing financial statements to determine the need/necessity of material modifications.
  • Audits - Thorough evaluation and feedback on relative fairness and conformity to the applicable financial reporting framework of client financial statements.
  • Agreed Upon Procedures - These engagements include:
      Effective audit planning, evaluation and coordination amongst client staff and third-party advisers

    A comprehensive, risk assessment that identifies situations that are deemed high risk, and tailors procedures to respond to such risks

    Industry insight on specific audit and regulatory requirements

    Value-added comments to enhance business processes and mitigate the risk of internal control failure

Business Consulting

  • Implementing effective solutions to common, unique and complex business challenges. We assist you with making confident business decisions and achieving sustainable long-term measurable results.

Individual and
Business Taxation

  • JT Goldstein provides up-to-date advice on tax regulations and developments in a timely manner as well as planning and preparation of tax material for individuals and businesses which can be extremely beneficial due to the complexity of the U.S. tax system and ever changing financial laws. Other services offered include:
  • Tax Planning – Leveraging industry knowledge and best practices, JT Goldstein works to minimize tax liability and ensure the most recent applicable tax regulations are implemented and adhered to through year-round tax planning education, the firm is able to substantially reduce unexpected tax obligations for its clients.
  • Tax Return Preparation – Preparing required tax filings, in compliance with applicable regulations for federal, state and local authorities.
  • Corporate Tax and Accounting - Assisting with implementation of ASC 740, Accounting for Income Taxes
  • Tax Credit Advisory – Advising on the application and implementation of various tax credits, at the federal, state, and local levels.

CFO Advisory Services

    Financial Statement Preparation
  • JT Goldstein provides a comprehensive financial reporting package to be used both internally and externally by management, board leadership and influential third parties.
    Risk Assessments
  • Review and subsequent monitoring of internal and external risks, as it relates to the following factors: economy, competition, industry, regulatory compliance, environment, political and social influencers, supply, employees, and cash management.
Leverage Technology
  • Counsel and advise on how the use of cutting-edge technology can help client businesses meet regulations, establish internal controls and obtain critical information to make sound business decisions. JT Goldstein Accountants and Business Advisors specialize in working with clients to fully enhance their understanding of system limitations, while customizing and implementing various accounting structures. The goal, as always, is to ensure that the individual or business utilizes the most efficient and economical solution to maximizing technology, as a way to ease financial operations.
Accounting and General Finance
  • Advise on significant industry accounting topics, including assistance with tracking financial data to ensure that profitability goals and cash flow projections are met, while establishing company-wide best practices.
Internal Controls
  • Provide assistance with drafting, updating and implementing company-wide accounting policies and procedures.
  • Conduct Governance and Leadership Board of Director’s Training, with specific focus on non-profit organizations. JT Goldstein also provides basic-to-advanced-level training in accounting systems and pronouncements and internal controls
  • Conduct fraud training and assist with the establishment of appropriate policy to respond to fraud risk.
Salaries and Benefits
  • Structure employee compensation levels, payments, insurance and 401(K) and retirement benefit packages.
Annual Budget Preparation
  • Assist with developing templates and budget preparation tools.
Internal Audit and Audit Prep
  • Assist and prepare for internal, operational and external individual, or corporate, financial audits.
Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitor grants, loans, contributions and other various contract provisions.
Advise on Strategic Decisions of the Organization
  • Advise and propose financial growth strategies/plans.
Corporate Structure and Formation
  • Advise on various tax implications, in conjunction with client legal counsel, regarding corporate formation of current and future business ventures.
  • Assist with developing financing packages for banking institutions, private investors and governmental agencies.
Record Retention
  • Perform an assessment of record retention practices and advise on best practices sufficient to satisfy various federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.
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