Individual and Business Taxation

Business Consulting

CFO Advisory

Assurance engagements include our CPA’s full understanding of our client’s industry, as it relates to identifying risks and providing value-added comments. Clients rely on JTGoldstein’s assurance counseling and expertise to make informed business decisions for their organizations. Assurance services include:
Compilations - Compiled financial statements that comply with the Statement of Standards for Accounting and Review Services, and that can be issued for internal or external use.

Reviews - A review engagement involves analyzing financial statements to determine the need/necessity of material modifications.

Audits - Thorough evaluation and feedback on relative fairness and conformity to the applicable financial reporting framework of client’s financial statements.

Agreed Upon Procedures - These engagements include: effective audit planning, evaluation and coordination amongst client staff and third-party advisers. Agreed upon procedures may consist of (but not limited to) the following:
  • A comprehensive risk assessment that identifies situations that are deemed high risk, and tailors the procedures to respond to such risks.
  • Industry insight on specific audit and regulatory requirements.
  • Value-added comments to enhance business processes and mitigate the risk of internal control failure.
Individual and Business Taxation
The U.S. tax system and its ever-changing financial laws can be challenging for individuals and businesses to navigate on their own. Our firm provides new and emerging tax advice to aid our clients in handling federal, state and local tax regulations and developments through proper planning and preparation of tax materials, which is extremely beneficial to our clients.
Other services offered include:

Tax Planning – Minimize tax liability and ensure current tax regulations are implemented and adhered to through year-round tax planning. We strive to substantially reduce unexpected tax obligations for our clients by leveraging industry knowledge and best practices.

Tax Return Preparation – Prepare required tax filings, in compliance with applicable regulations for federal, state, and local taxing authorities.

Tax Credit Advisory – Advise the application and implementation of various tax credits and elections, at the federal, state, and local levels.

Corporate Formation- Aide our clients in understanding major tax issues during formation of new corporations and raising capital for existing corporations. We advise our clients on the tax implications based on their choice of entity and the available options including proprietorships, general and limited partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies, taxed as partnerships or corporations.

Buy and Sale – Assist buyers and/or sellers with significant tax accounting and reporting issues connected with business purchase/sale transactions.

Real Estate Taxation – Provide real estate planning and compliance services which may include informing our clients on the tax impacts of acquiring, developing, operating, and selling or exchanging real estate.

Trust, Estates, and Tax-Exempt Entities – Provide tax preparation compliance services for various structured trust and tax-exempt entities, including private foundations.

JTGoldstein uses strategic innovation, transparent business practices and understanding of your industry and the regulations that impact it to assist you with meeting your business goals and objectives.
Business Consulting
Implementing effective solutions to common, unique and complex business challenges. We assist you with making confident business decisions and achieving sustainable and long-term results. Our firm focuses on day-to-day operations such as long-term planning, organization and long-term resources. We assist your business in plan preparation, cash management, business continuity planning and tax planning. 
Our services include the following.

Business Planning Services
We assist companies with a business plan of a company's goals or objectives and the course of action it intends to follow and accomplish them. This strategic plan is geared toward assisting you with obtaining financing or capital, communicating a business culture, and attracting customers, suppliers, or distributors, along with the necessary details to view a company’s history, present condition and future outlook.

Financing Services
We assist our clients with assessing the flow of funds into a business from sources other than the business's own operations to provide financial resources for the continuation or expansion of operations. This includes equity and short-term or long-term debt.

Litigation Services
We assist attorneys that require a CPA's assistance to understand the accounting, auditing, or damage issues involved in a business litigation matter.

Business Start-Up Services

We assist companies with launching a new business venture at a later stage of the business's development or in the beginning to identify, correct, and avoid potential organizational and operating mistakes.

Lease vs. Buy Analysis Services
We provide advice on acquiring new equipment or a new facility and help analyze the pros and cons of leasing and buying. This service includes understanding the financial and accounting concepts, and tax aspects of leasing.

Fraud Investigation
We assist clients with engagements that may result in a civil or criminal trial or for the basis of terminating an employee or to file a fidelity insurance claim.

Internal Control Services
We assist clients with the implementation of internal controls necessary to detect intentional misrepresentations or omissions in financial statements

Technology Consulting Services

We help implement technology solutions to address their organizations' accounting, administrative, and operational needs, including but not limited to accounting system and design, point of sale, and other operating systems to assist with running a company efficiently and effectively.
CFO Advisory
Financial Statement Preparation
JTGoldstein provides a comprehensive financial reporting package to be used both internally and externally by management, board leadership and influential third parties.

Risk Assessments
Review and subsequent monitoring of internal and external risks, as it relates to the following factors: economy, competition, industry, regulatory compliance, environment, political and social influencers, supply employees, and cash management.
Leverage Technology
Counsel and advise on how the use of cutting-edge technology can help client businesses meet regulations, establish internal controls, and obtain critical information to make sound business decisions. JTGoldstein Accountants and Business Advisors specialize in working with clients to fully enhance their understanding of system limitations, while customizing and implementing various accounting structures. The goal, as always, is to ensure that the individual or business utilizes the most efficient and economical solution to maximizing technology, to ease financial operations.

Accounting and General Finance
Advise on significant industry accounting topics, including assistance with tracking financial data to ensure that profitability goals and cash flow projections are met, while establishing company-wide best practices.

Internal Controls
Assists our clients with drafting, updating, and implementing company-wide accounting policies and procedures.

Our firm understands training and development are critical to our client’s success. JTGoldstein provides the following training for our clients:
  • Governance and Leadership Board of Director’s Training, with specific focus on non-profit organizations.
  • Basic-to-advanced-level training in accounting systems and pronouncements and internal controls.
  • Fraud training and assist with the establishment of appropriate policy to respond to fraud risk.
Salaries and Benefits
Structure employee compensation levels, employee payments, insurance and 401(K) and retirement benefit packages.

Annual Budget Preparation
Assist with developing templates and budget preparation tools.

Internal Audit and Audit Preparation
Assist and prepare for internal, operational, and external individual, or corporate, financial audits.

Compliance Monitoring
Monitor grants, loans, contributions, and other various contract provisions.

Advise on Strategic Decisions of the Organization
Advise and propose financial growth strategies/plans.

Corporate Structure and Formation
Advise on various tax implications, in conjunction with client legal counsel, regarding corporate formation of current and future business ventures.

Assist with developing financing packages for banking institutions, private investors, and governmental agencies.

Record Retention
Perform an assessment of record retention practices and advise on best practices sufficient to satisfy various federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.
JTGoldstein Accountants and Business Advisors is a full-service, certified public accounting and business advisory firm, located in Philadelphia, PA. Our firm specializes in performing auditing, tax accounting, business consulting and engagement services to corporate, non-profit, small business organizations, and individuals to a national client base.
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